Nuts with the highest protein

Have you been looking to incorporate more plant based protein into your diet but wondering about which are the nuts with the highest protein?

If you have been working to control your blood sugar levels and seeking more plant-based protein sources, this blog post is your guide to incorporating nuts into your diet.

Delve into the world of protein-packed nuts, discovering delicious options that align with your health goals and contribute to stable blood sugar levels.

Benefits of plant based protein

Typically when people decide to start more of a plant-based diet and avoid certain or all animal products, their first concern is whether they will be able to incorporate enough protein into their diet.

Nuts can be a great source of protein and provide an additional nutritional punch with other health promoting benefits like heart and digestive health.

Top 10 nuts with the highest protein

The following are a listing of 10 nut varieties with the highest protein content. All protein content listed is for a one ounce serving. 

  1. Peanuts – 7 grams
  2. Almonds – 6 grams
  3. Pistachios – 6 grams
  4. Cashews 5 grams
  5. Walnuts – 4 grams
  6. Hazelnuts – 4 grams
  7. Brazil Nuts – 4 grams
  8. Pine Nuts – 4 grams
  9. Pecans – 3 grams
  10. Macadamia – 2 grams

Why should you be eating high protein nuts?

One of the reasons why incorporating high protein nuts into your diet is because when protein is consumed with carbohydrates, it slows the absorption of sugar (carbs) in the bloodstream. This is beneficial because it helps to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels. Less spikes over time leads to a lower A1C level.

Incorporating nuts into your diet

If you are not already frequenting nuts in your diet, you may be wondering how you can best add nuts into your meals and snacks.

Nuts can be seamlessly integrated into various meals and snacks. Sprinkle chopped nuts over yogurt, toss them into salads, or blend them with smoothies for an extra nutritional boost.

Snacking on a small portion of nuts between meals can also provide a sustained energy release, helping to curb hunger and prevent overeating. While nuts are energy-dense, their nutrient profile makes them a valuable component of a well-rounded, health conscious diet.

In conclusion

All in all, nuts can be a great addition to anyone’s diet that is looking to lower blood sugars and A1C levels. Nuts with the highest protein content may be the best choices for people with prediabetes in order to help keep blood sugar levels stable.

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