What is plant-based chicken: and should you try it?

what is plant based chicken

It seems like more and more people are becoming interested in following a plant based diet, and for good reason! We know that there are an infinite number of health benefits associated with the plant based diet, including helping to control blood sugar levels and lower A1C!

But, not everyone is quite ready to give up the flavors and versatility that come along with some meat-based meals. Food companies are solving this problem with the availability of plant based “meat” such as chicken or beef.

But, this may have you wondering, just exactly what is plant based chicken? And should you try it?

What is plant based chicken?

Plant based chicken is usually made from a plant based protein such as soy protein or wheat proteins. Then, the ingredients are formed into the shapes of pieces of chicken or chicken nuggets.

Additional seasonings and spices are used to help give the flavors of real chicken nuggets, such as paprika, salt, garlic powder, or onion powder. Especially the inclusion of wheat based protein helps to give a similar texture as traditional chicken.

Soy and wheat proteins, when used in these chicken nuggets, typically offer a whopping 13 or 14 grams of protein per 2.5 ounce serving! But what they offer that is typically not included in a normal chicken nugget, is an additional 5 grams of fiber!

Health benefits of plant based chicken

As just previously stated, one of the greatest benefits that plant based chicken will provide, is the fiber content. Traditional meat contains no fiber – but plants do! Using a plant based protein source naturally contains about 3-6 grams of fiber per serving, depending on the brand and portion size. 

Another health benefit is not necessarily what the “chicken” contains, but what it does not contain – saturated fats! Saturated fats are primarily found in animal based products and are one of the leading contributors to many chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

What to know: potential downfalls of plant based chicken

There is one key thing to keep in mind when choosing some of these plant based meat options – it is the simple fact that these are processed foods. Many processed foods can be very high in sodium or other preservatives that may not be optimal for your goal of following a healthier plant based diet.

Be sure to check the food labels of any plant based chicken you are considering and read the ingredients. Generally speaking, the less ingredients the better!

To sum it up

In summary, plant-based chicken provides a sustainable and ethical option for those considering a shift in their diet. Trying it out not only diversifies your meals but also supports environmental and animal welfare causes. So, should you give it a try? Absolutely – for a more conscious and compassionate approach to your food choices.

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